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NZ Tarping Systems Ltd

Quality, tailored cover systems

NZ Tarping Systems Ltd

Quality, tailored cover systems

Manufacturing of automatic truck tarp covers

Our Solutions

All tarps are made to individual requirements:

Trampoline Matt - Black only

For our Mesh Tarps we use trampoline mat or we can use sail cloth (mesh) depending on what the client requirements are.

PVC Rip Stop Fabric

This is used for semi or full wet weather and from asphalt products e.g. Hotmix.

Tramp and mesh tarps have reinforced hems with seat belt webbing.

We use Twin Needle sewing on all tarps.

Wet weather tarps are welded, not sewn, to ensure a more water resistant application.


Duragal 20 x 20 RHS tube bent hexagon shape suit steel body excavation style work.

Bend angle starts at combing and rises at 60 degrees to clear most loads.

Standard heights available include; 200mm hoop, 300mm and 450mm or the same size and construction rib. Or we can manufacture any rib height or shape to suit client needs.


Rib skids are manufactured in intra-high-density plastic with a low coefficient of friction and slow wear characteristics.

Skids have 15mm wear margin within their design.

3 variations of skids are available
Standard straight skid
90 degree Lock Down Skid
Forked Skid - runs on angles


Axle pillow blocks are a patent of Power Tarps and are easily fitted with aluminium extrusion that covers all axle components.

Alternately, pillow bearings are supplied bolted to steel or aluminium packers to be welded to front sheet.

Axle is stainless steel with tapper lock pulley locks e.g. Ease of removal shaft.

Simply bolt onto front wall.

Electric Systems:

Our electric PowerTarp comes with easy fit control module and cabling.

Standard solid shaft drive.

Recommended cable size is 16mm square.

Ezy Fit connector available for longer bodies to reduce voltage drop.

Hand winder backup is optional (requires removal of chain to operate by hand).

Note: PowerTarps requires that a licensed auto electrician do final connections.


All brackets and components are laser cut and machined to a high quality on CNC equipment.

Parts are then Zinc plated for a neat silver anodised appearance.


Cable and cable rigging is all galvanised.

Axle assembly is pre-assembled and ready to simply bolt onto front wall.