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NZ Tarping Systems Ltd

Quality, tailored cover systems

NZ Tarping Systems Ltd

Quality, tailored cover systems

Truck with trailer and automatic truck tarp cover

About Us

Gary Andrews - Director - NZ Tarping Systems Ltd

Having worked for 33 years in the transport industry in New Zealand and Australia as a Body maker, fleet manager, I gained enormous experience in the automated retractable tarping systems that were used in the fleet I managed, and which were used for reasons of operator safety throughout Australia. The twin cable system proved to be superior when compared to other cable systems available.

Returning to New Zealand 3 years ago I recognised the need for promoting and installing retractable tarping systems within our own trucking industry. This need was born of my observation of the Australian experience in looking after the safety needs of the operator, as well as producing increased productivity.

As a result, NZ Tarping Systems Ltd was formed in conjunction with Power Tarps Pty Ltd Sydney, and I am now the sole distributor of Power Tarps in New Zealand, and can give you the benefit of my experience and knowledge in this field.

Company Profile

Established in 2009 - Registered Trade Name NZ Tarping Systems Limited.

Our goal is to alleviate injuries in the transport industry by introducing safe practices using the automated retractable tarping systems, either manual or automatic. The systems actively reduce the need for the driver to climb up on the unit, a practice considered to be very unsafe.

Laws are changing in NZ, so there is a need for this system to be in place. We are passionate about this product. We believe it surpasses all other products that are currently available on the market. Safety is primary, productivity is secondary, our main goal is to alleviate driver injury and fatigue.