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NZ Tarping Systems Ltd

Quality, tailored cover systems

NZ Tarping Systems Ltd

Quality, tailored cover systems

Watch our standard PVC retractable truck tarp cover in action
Watch our bunker automatic tarp cover in action

Our Vision

Truck tarp cover

Established in 2001 PowerTarps is a family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our personal services to suit any requirements. PowerTarps is a quality business, which is committed to product development and customer satisfaction.

Our main objective at PowerTarps is to provide a simple, effective, covering system, at an affordable price.

Our Solutions

Truck with trailer and automatic tarp cover

Soon to be required by relevant authorities, all loads will need to be covered. PowerTarps has developed an automated system of covering loads alleviating the need for drivers to physically climb onto the back of their trucks.

The use of an automated system reduces the risk of driver injury and also helps to promote a better image of our industry as professionals.

Our Services

Bunker with retractable tarp cover

We tarp trucks that are used to transport sensitive and/or dusty goods. We also have a retractable tarping system to cover bunkers for palm kernel, fertilizers, etc. Which operates from an easy to use hand winder on the side of the bunker.